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S.P.S Training Routines

All training routines are designed around 3 training components Strength, Power, and Stamina. It is known when training one component the others can become compromised. To limit this problem, the following training methods provide volume disruption to constantly shock your body's Type 1 Slow & Type 2 Fast Skeletal Muscle Twitch Fibers. 


 Each training routine is geared to assist you in improving overall strength and any undeveloped strengths. By increasing and decreasing your repetitions will allow your body to excel physically and mentally.


Influenced by traditional training, each routine includes different Angles and Ranges of Motion to activate the target muscle and the muscles surrounding your target muscle. All exercises will have a variety of planes of motion and muscle activation strategies to produce a more dominate base of physical fitness and physique.


Below, you will find the 3 components with repetitions shifting around 6 repetitions and a brief description of each training component. Keep in mind, since we are all unique you may respond differently to a particular training routine. Therefore, always understand what's your goal and what you want to be your go-to routine for Proper Development. Every component has specific Principles to apply throughout training. As you begin to train with your chosen routine if you are unsure of an exercise check out the Exercise List with videos, tips, and photos on how to perform the exercise.

6 - 12 Reps 

Strength Training: With each repetition establish a 2 - 3-second tempo to increase your Time Under Tension. All together equaling 4 to 6 seconds per repetition (eccentrically to concentrically). Some exercises can be very tricky when trying to isolate the muscle as much as possible, therefore be sure to check out the Exercise List for tips for the chosen exercise on how to perform each movement. Between each set be sure to have at least a 45 second to a 1-minute rest 

Strength & Power
Coming Soon
  1 - 6 Reps

Power Training: Consist of low repetitions for mainly all compound movements to improve your explosiveness. It is crucial to always keep form and refrain from losing control. This leads us to a pause (isometric)/resting phase to promote a stronger concentric phase. Eccentric phases will include the development of absorbing the weight under working tension and Muscle Recruitment. Each set should have a rest period of 2 - 3 minutes to fully restore working energy.

Power & Stamina
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 12 - 18 Reps

Stamina Training: Are consistent high repetitions with little to no breaks within the sets.  Use these particular routines are to improve your muscular endurance and lean muscle maintenance. Consistency plays a huge role to keep what has already been improved to improve more. 

Stamina & Strength
Coming Soon
Combination Reps 

S.P.S Training: Revolve around all training components with specific sets and repetitions. Routines may consist of all 3 Training Components placed in a circuit separately or individual exercises having a particular amount of repetitions to train 1 component. This method is used to place your body in its highest demand for all progressions. 

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