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Power Training

Implementing power production, you will be training your anaerobic Type 2B(Fast Twitch) Muscle Fibers at its highest demand. Using this method is guaranteed to maximize your greatest contraction speed. Power is using a certain amount of energy put out or produced in a given amount of time. Unless you are a powerlifter, it is recommended to use these types of routines 1 time per week within a strength routine or placed in a stamina routine on the 4th week monthly.


Caution: Before attempting the following it is highly recommended to have a well supporting rack, spotter or a machine for your safety. There are 3 Principles to follow as you execute a designed routine: Proper Mechanics, Increase of Strength, and the 4 Components to Power Absorption.

Power Principles 


Principle 1: Proper Form & Mechanics: Movements while keeping posture, and positioning of the exercise 

Principle 2: Increasing Strength: Workload/Over-training 100% of 1RM(Repetition Max)

                                                                        Click - >Full Percentage Chart: 1(100%), 2(95%), 3(93%), 4(90%), 5(87%), 6(85%)


                                                                                                 Example: If your max of a Bench Press is 225lbs this is your                                                                                                                                        100% 1RM max 90% of your 1RM of 225 (225 x .90 = 202.5)                                                                                                                              Use your 100% calculate your other percentages                                                                                                                                          other percentages.  

                                                                                                         Example: 225 x (80%).80 = 180


Principle 3: 4 Components of Power Absorption (4 Power Components)

Pre- Loading- Initial starting point once beginning to start your first repetition

Eccentric movement- Downward phase of lift/Stretching of muscle

Isometric Hold- Pausing at a specific point of an exercise

Explosiveness- Energy towards the lift of the exercise 

This Power Program has been created to take your explosiveness to the next level. This training program is to be performed 1 - 4 weeks, 2 day per week routine with cardio and barbell exercises. Cardio is provided for each training day followed by stretches, and post cardio for further improvements. Needed for this program is a barbell and if possible bumper plates for equipment maintenance. Train Hard Aethestist

At some point, we all have or will experience a time of failing when pushing a certain weight. As scary as it sounds you must fail to become stronger and learn. This routine is designed to break all stopping points by using pauses for each exercise. It's a 1 - 4-week plan, 4 Days per week Power Training Program of heavy weight training targeting all large and small muscles. You will find 4 workout routines with 4 exercises. Test your Pausing points.

3 Powerful Compound exercises to increase explosiveness and your physique. A 3 day Power Training Program of heavyweight targeting the all muscle group using one compound lift. You will find 3 workout routines of 1 exercise with pre - cardio, stretches, core and post cardio. Each workout should be performed for 3 - 4 Weeks to enhance your body to the next level.

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