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S.P.S Training

Overall Strength, Power, and Stamina(S.P.S) performance training are designed to target all three fitness components and muscle fibers all in one routine. You will find a variety of types of training routines revolving around Repetition Manipulation. To make each set/round as effective as possible using each component (Strength, Power, and stamina) rest period for your sets. Expect to perform explosive exercises combined with muscular strength and endurance. The amount of effort is at its max peak. Remember to apply all principles for maximum benefits.

S.P.S Principles 


Principle 1: Proper Form & Mechanics: Focused Movements while keeping posture, and positioning of the exercise 

Principle 2: Time Under Tension/Tempo: Constant muscle contractions

Principle 3: Muscle Connection: Concentration on the targeted muscle

Principle 4: Increasing Strength: Workload/Over-training   

Principle 5: 4 Components of Power Absorption: Pre- Loading, Eccentric movements, Isometric, and Explosiveness 

Principle 6: Improve Anaerobic System Tolerance: Controlling the Tempo of each repetition 

Principle 7: Aerobic Capacity Performance: Completion of High Steady Repetitions without no rest within set

Sometimes using the bodybuilding training method can get boring and your due for a change. It was said by Arnold S., to achieve your desired result, you must take your eyes off it. If you are used to a plan of keeping the same repetition ranges with each exercise, this training program is perfect for completely shocking your muscles. Below you will find 3 Workout Routines targeting all area of the body. Each workout provides 3 Exercises for 3-4 Weeks to enhance your body to the next level.


This routine is what makes this BEYOND TRAINING. If you are one that trains multiple times throughout the day, this training routine is for you. Not to mention, one of the exclusive training methods used for competition preparation. Since we all feel different and start our days at different times, you do not have to complete the workouts in the listed order. You will find a 5-day program with 3 Training routines within each day targeting all area of the body. Each workout provides 2 - 5 Exercises for 3 - 4 Weeks to enhance your body to the next level.

The Power of Building & Burning

With the awareness of value being measured by sacrifice. This program is designed to keep what shall not be declined. What you’ll find below is a training program created with all major fitness components mixed with repetitions placed into a linear progression system allowing your body to always have progression. Each month increase your weight and as you increase never go below the improved weight. If you are not able to complete a full set with the chosen/increased weight stay on that until you are able to complete a full set of the repetition range.

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