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What's the best program? 

All program are great, what will determine your program will depend on the milestone you are striving to achieve.

If you haven't already make sure to fill out your  


How many days should I exercise? 

How many days depends on your schedule and how long you been exercising.

Beginner(1-3) -- Low Intensity 

Intermediate(3-6) -- Moderate Intensity 

Advance(6-Up) -- Vigorous Intensity


How long does each program usually take? 

Training Routines (45min - 2hrs.) 

Workout Plans (30min - 1hr.) 

Cardio Methods (15min - 20 min)

21 Day Challenges (5min - 20min)


In the future how do I sign up for a class? 

The Total for a Class is $10.00 per class. The Day before the class begins you will be able to make your deposit on reserving a spot. You can only reserve one spot per person for 5.00$. For the actually class price is only $5.00 online.


Reason for Deposit: If something happens to come up and you are a NO SHOW the spot you have taken could have been a spot for someone who was able to come. You are charged the deposit fee for reserving $5.00 and possibly no show. 


Is there 1 on 1 training or online coaching? 

1 on 1 training is provided by the athlete. Depending on the athlete, can offer online coaching or in person for more details contact the athlete directly. 


After Canceling my membership when will my Subscription stop making payments?


Monthly: If you decide to purchase a monthly subscription your card will be charged until the end of the month(sign up date). To fully complete this process YOU MUST GO TO YOUR PAYPAL AND CANCEL THE TRANSACTION. Click Here Cancellation For a step by step cancellation process.

Yearly: If you decide to purchase a yearly subscription. It is an ONE TIME FEE-- NON-REFUNDABLE until the year is over. After the year if will automatically take out your subscription fee. 

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