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Stamina Training

To make this training method as beneficial and effective as possible, begin by building your Strength. Using the strength training routines will create the base strength needed to maximize the high repetition ranges. Each training routine will be guided toward training your Aerobic Type 1(Slow Twitch) muscle fibers. Your weight shouldn't be extremely heavy but enough weight that challenges you and execute smoothly contractions.


While using high repetition ranges, concentrate on contracting the muscle as much as possible under working tension while performing full ranges of motion. You will be training in an anaerobically system leading to an improved aerobic system. Which means you will be performing at a steady pace to increase your constant working effort with a short resting period. Below are your 3 Principles: Proper Form, Tempo, and Proper Weight 


Stamina Principles 


Principle 1: Proper Form & Mechanics: Movements while keeping posture, and positioning of the exercise

Principle 2: Improve Anaerobic System Tolerance: Controlling muscle exhaustion for each repetition

Principle 3: Aerobic Capacity Performance: Completion of High Steady Repetitions Sets without no rest within set

Training has its battle in itself but the war is training smartly. Using this method of high repetitions each phase should be smoothly performed. As you train, concentrate on keeping as much tension and proper form to receive as many benefits as possible to improve your muscular endurance and physique. This 3 - 4 week routine, 4 days a week is used to improve consistent performance. Take your time and train with care.

Controlling your movements are much more than exercise. Every day we carry our bodies and being able to move our body in the direction we desire is a must. Below is a 3 - 4-week training program with 4 exercises that only needs your body and station equipment.

Welcome to “Calisthenic Volume 2”, as you begin back to mastering the control of your body. Instead of standard cardio, lets trying another way of strengthening your heart and building a better functioning body. This 4-week training program with 4 exercises needs only your bodyweight and a few stationary equipment.

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