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3 Days

That's right 157 Days of physical activity. Below are routines geared toward beginners and those who find it difficult to build muscle. 3 days a week is the perfect balance to (1)Avoid  Overwhelming yourself as a beginner and enough time to (2)repair your muscles for recovery. These 2 traits are essential when it comes to developing an overall well-being and a better physique. With each routine expect to improve your muscular strength and general health. Perform each plan 3 - 4 weeks for max benefits and progress to another plan or when you are ready to increase your days exercising.


For more assistance, check out the Nutritional Experiences and Nutritional Tips. If you planning to train every other day, for recovery purposes explore Supplement Advice for extra help.

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No Gym Membership 2

Sometimes there is no better place to exercise than your home. If you are a previous progression athlete from "2 Day No Gym Membership" congratulations and welcome back. This workout plan is created for all fitness levels striving to improve overall health. If you are new looking for a 3-4 week plan for 3 days a week with no membership, look no farther.

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3 Day Heart Enhancing

That's right, 3 days of improving your heart and stronger core. If you are progressing from the "2 day heart enhancing" welcome back. New members glad you're here and ready to work. This workout plan is geared towards those of all fitness levels looking to implement cardio and core/abdominal work into their regiment. You can this for 3-4 weeks and slowly increase the days of cardio and abdominal development.

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Dumbbell & Machines Series 2

Let's introduce the basics to our training with machines and dumbbells. Since most machines isolate certain muscles, including stabilizing exercises are a must. This routine is created for all fitness levels striving to improve their physique leaving no body part untouched. Each workout is a full body routine for 3 - 4 weeks, 3 days a week.

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Traditional Workout Series 1

Nothing to be said but let's workout. No deep science, no crazy methods just proper form, and hard work. This prorgram is designed to improve your strength and health. As you begin, warm up with cardio, stretch and move right to your your core abdominal training for that particular day. Each workout is a full body routine for 3-4 weeks, 3 days a week  

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