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Nutritional Experience

Nutritional Experience provides experiences on what has been experienced and what you may be considering.  Your meals will be determined by what you are striving to achieve. How you train and how your body responds to particular foods that will dictate your outcome. Understand everyone's body and beliefs are different therefore everyone may not consume the same kinds of foods. Although your eating different then another person one thing that doesn't change is the milestone ahead and what is needed to accomplish your goal. As you decide on which plan fits your lifestyle Remember to apply the Nutritional Steps


Nutritional Steps 

Step 1:  Identify Your Milestone                   

Step 2: Observe Responsive Foods   

Step 3: Nutritional Timing

Step 4: Determine your Caloric Intake

Step 5: Macro-nutrient Count/Percentage(Optional)   

Getting beyond the science of most nutritional plans. Let’s just get started with 3 generalized 2,000 calorie meal plans to find a base. This plan is geared towards knowing where you currently are and understanding your body to maximize your body’s full potential.

Is Keeping A High Protein Diet Good For Me? Take the time to know the difference between looking good and being healthy. It may keep your body at a low-fat percentage for maintaining your Greatest Physique but being at your ultimate health is the top priority. Find out the Pros and Cons of having a High Protein diet. Protein intake is based off a 135lb Athlete.

WHY ARE YOU A VEGAN? Like most of the things we follow or do, we all have our reasons. The term "Vegan" has a huge meaning and without getting too deep on it, let's keep this strictly on nutrition and ASK YOURSELF IS IT POSSIBLE IT MAY BE DOUBLING YOUR REACTION restricting you to maximizing your health?? SKIP THE SECONDARY SOURCE AND GO TO THE SOURCE.

Intermetting Fasting

Intermittent fasting is a nutritional plan with a set time for fasting and time for consuming your meals. This particular plan is a lifestyle transition that involves discipline and awareness of how you will spend your days. Using this method your fasting hours are based around the time you go to bed and eating at normal times you would regularly eat.

IS A FLEXIBLE PLAN THE TOP DIETARY PLAN?  Described as a Balance on all forms of nutritional plans. How the body functions and receives its nutrients plays a major impact on your health progression/maintenance. Reading this you will find simple guidelines and 3 different nutritional plans created for balance. This balance will provide the breaks your body needs to fully digest your meals to optimize your health.

Planning to take your Muscle Growth to the next level? There is no better way than having full control of your Hormone Delivery. Shifting the gear of one hormone is the key to making progress no matter what's the case. This particular trait takes time and patience. Its is critical to plan accordingly and know exactly what you are trying to accomplish. This can be used for Weight Loss and Building Mass.   

Are Low-Carb Diets Ruining Your Performance? If you are an athlete or someone who is looking to lower your Fat Percentage, your performance while training matters. Especially if you want to look how you train. One way to dropping Body Fat is by reducing your carbohydrates. Transitioning your energy source from being carbs to fat. But lets face it for some of us thats not an option. We all have our reasons and sticking to a strict nutritional plan can be really expensive/overwhelming. This experience explains ways to effectively utilizing your carbohydrates towards your benefit. 

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2021 Update


Blood Type Dieting

It is believed that by following a meal and exercise plan designed for your specific blood type, you can digest food with greater efficiency, avoid health issues and lose weight (which of course, further improves health).

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