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Nutritional Tips 

The Nutritional Tips will explain key Macro-nutrients and Micro-nutrients that are vital to aiding the body in accomplishing its objective. Beyond our athletes' experience, the content below is based on frequently asked questions on what is needed through daily life and intense training. Each tip will provide information that some of you may heard of and do not understand or may not have heard of at all. If you have heard the following information maybe you will find some additional information on the particular tip you find interesting. Make sure you read carefully and understand what your milestone is before applying it to your current regiment. It is recommended to always consult with your doctor before adding any of the following to your current lifestyle. You can use the method used by one of our athletes to make this transition or you can also experiment yourself to learn what works for your body.  

Will eating the same foods as someone else result in the same results? As a reminder, We Are All Unique Individuals. Are there nutritional plans that can give you a Dominant Physique? Yes, if you follow the plan meal by meal. But let's face it sometimes we may not want to eat what is in the plan. Consider the following tips for your transition.

DOES THIS REALLY MATTER? Believe it or not, when you eat matters or else you would eat all day. We do it on a day to day base already, Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner. All of them roughly being 4-6 hours apart. Since you already have those planned in advanced, here are some ideas to add just a little more meals/snacks to meet your Daily Nutritional Intake. This will be a challenging process but this is the steps needed to take your physique to the Next Level.

Tracking calories can be a pain and a lack of food can be a pain as well. No one can make you eat more than you need especially if your body is not used to consuming more than what you normally eat. If you are maintaining or striving to make progression in an area of weight, this is PERFECT FOR YOU. Inside you will find guidelines to assist your progression towards GAIN MASS and LOWER BODY FAT WEIGHT. 

WARNING!!! This will make your LIFE BETTER. It is not said to eat your vegetables on a daily base for no reason. Constantly you will find and read posts on carbohydrates especially if you are trying to Lose weight, Improve your Well-being and Overall health. Making the sacrifice of lowering your carbohydrates and only consuming the ones that matter is major. Beyond improving your body physically this will indeed improve you mentally. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!!! 

Understanding Protein

Protein is known to be the grandfather for feeding your muscles after an intentional breakdown and keeping them well maintained. Protein is one of the most essential when it comes to building a stronger, functional, and great physique, the quality of the source is a must know.

Are you AWARE? It is very easy to miss hidden facts or may not understand certain facts. Unfortunately, not all facts have the same name and here you will find a list of names that may be in the foods or supplements you may have thought were healthy but causing you harm or to plateau. 

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