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6 Days

Let each day become a stepping stone to reaching your full potential. Training for 313 Days is more than working out, it represents a year of complete Focus. Establishing discipline beyond its norm will create a monument of your creation. The following routines are 6 days a week with one Full Day of Recovery. As you already know, scientifically speaking we are breaking down the muscle to let it heal(improve) pass the previous muscle capabilities. Listen to your body and if you need to rest more than one day please do so. Perform each plan 3 - 4 weeks for max benefits and progress to another plan.


Use the Archive to find useful guidance to plans and tips to maximize your journey. The same applies towards gaining mass since you are training at-least 1 to 2 hours a day. 

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6 Day No Gym Link Series 5

4 week workout plan for 6 days per week. Taking it to this level is more than exercising, you are striving to become beyond what you expected. Those who have taken all the "No Gym link" you may have discovered that there are levels to achieving your greatest form. Each link is a stage needed to complete the prime making of your body and to keep what has been accomplished.

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Tradition Workout Series 3

Never missing a day of training is a challenge in itself. Keeping our progression this traditional workout plan is created to target all muscle groups twice within the same week consistently providing a shock and muscle breakdown. Each workout is a full body routine for 3-4 weeks. As you begin, warm up with cardio and dynamic stretches. Within your days of training alternate between core/abdominal training and post cardio to maximize your results.

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6 Day Heart Enhancing

At this level of consistency, it is more than enhancing your heart but living with purpose. taking on th challenge to be here for what you are truly meant to do. You can use this 3-4 weeks and slowly increase cardio sessions followed by abdominal development.

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Double Or Nothing

Never be afraid to bet on yourself. Take the chance of improving your body to its max while exercising each twice a week. This workout plan is created for all fitness levels. Use this workout plan 3-4 weeks or until you have met the amount you deserve.

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