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Plan to be one of the two if not both. When it comes to anything, always apply your inner artist or musician. If you are a strong believer in your work, create a work flow that when you are working it plays like a song you been singing for years. Since most of my life revolves around fitness and bodybuilding this message goes out to those planning to look their best. I know everybody may not be striving to become a bodybuilder but in some sense you may want to stand apart from others or be at your best. From countless consultations I found the top milestone members want to achieve while in a gym is to lose weight or in better words reduce body fat. As we all know this process isn't easy and depending on "why" you are doing it will be the heart of your progression.

Throughout my training on becoming a better artist "bodybuilder" I always plan to beat my best package rather it was on or off the few times I was on stage. Therefore creating the milestone of needing to become bigger in lacking areas. Not so much of weight but make a certain muscle become more enhanced to create an illusion of being bigger than what I actually was. During this lead me to doing what I seen other bodybuilders' do which made things harder. I began trying to eat like other bodybuilders and training like other bodybuilders not realizing they were on a different level. Levels I was trying to skip without realizing skipping those levels I would never grow. I got so caught up on the milestone living life others, lead me to the destruction of my body. Only doing what I seen held me back rather than using the root of the sport. Bodybuilding is a sport that resolves around the artistic mind, creating a sculpture of your vision. Reaching a goal doesn't only have one route only the route you create.

Advice to those in pursuit, when going into something that you really care about, consider finding the root of what you are doing. I promise you it will be much easier than doing what you see others are doing. Use their experience as a guide of direction but try not to make the mistake of trying to look like someone instead of creating your own masterpiece. Train with purpose

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