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I remember first beginning my journey to bodybuilding and all I had was my own personal experience. Information that provided truth over matter. Our entire life we base our decisions from what we learned from past misdirection. I remember listening to a guy named Deandre Carter speak to class about accomplishing their greatest dream. He told the class there are two things guaranteed to happen and I'm only going talk about one which is you will always make mistakes. So many mistakes that your mistakes will begin to become your best friend. A true best friend that has no problem of telling you the truth and always being there to make you better. It's a given, no one likes making mistakes for many reason two of which: people may not like you or knowing you aren't perfect. Truth of the matter one of the two will occur and what I found about mistakes is to be afraid of them but never be afraid to learn from them. Your mistakes will be the foundation of making you better than before.

I asked myself, "what is more creditable than your own experience?" It's a simple source with no effort involved except you and what you desire. Most of what we know now from books and articles are from experiences researchers accomplished or failed. If you think about history it's the roots of why we do what we do. Books are great but they will never have all the answers for your problems. The majority of the most precious things you'll find have no instructions. Love, honesty, forgiveness, purpose, and life does not have an instructional manual. What you go through will be the most credible source for your life beyond any book. Let that be the teachings of what you are seeking to pursue. You can explore useful information from books but it will never replace what you've learned in the moment and in your past.

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