The Body Fat Reduction is a well designed program created to fit your body and your body only. One size does not fit all therefore this program was to be tailored made and easy to follow. This routine has no time limit and you can use this program as many times as needed. Take your time and be as precise as possible. 


Table of Contents

Page 1 Body Fat Reduction  

Page 2 Table of Content

Page 3 Disclaimer

Page 4 Introduction- 12 Week Body Fat Reduction

Page 5 Protein

Page 6 12 Week Carbohydrates Depletion

Page 7 Fats

Page 8 Nutritional Advice-- Example

Page 9 Nutritional Advice-- Example

Page 10 Training Schedule

Page 11-13 Fitness 6.0 -- S.P.S Plan

Page 14 Tracking System Body Mass Index & Body Fat

Page 15 Waist to Hip Ratio

Page 16 Height and Waist Circumference Chart


Body Fat Reduction




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