Your efforts of percentage will give you the desired outcome. Most of us have heard , " Give a 100% effort" or "Go as hard as you can" at-least once. Being as accurate as it sounds, if you give a 100% percent effort the only result you can get is a 100% outcome. I remember when I was in college I failed physics almost two semesters in a row by the same professor. Not because she was a bad professor because she was great or because it was a challenging class but because I only gave a 50% effort. Not to mention I thought I was a horrible test taker and that pre-determined my test score. Something about tests gave me anxiety and being that I rarely studied didn't make it easier.

The first semester I took physics lab, the professor told us the only way to pass this class was you have to pass the lab test. Right then, I thought to myself I mind as while check in for the next semester class there is no way I am getting through this class. Now most classes you have to take a test but you at-least have homework and classwork to help. And this class we had classwork, homework, and we had to actually put it to a test. Every two weeks the class was scheduled for a test and after a certain amount you have to schedule with the professor to take the test in their office. Sure enough every week to two weeks I was in the office taking the test failing, studying, failing, and studying. Until the last test I finally passed but still failed the lecture class.

This experience came a long way and what I learned was I had two different efforts and I was to late realize what I needed to pass lecture. I figured if I can dominate in the class work, show up, and fail the test I can pass. Kinda like how I pass most of my classes by doing what I can spend as much time on rather than having a time limit and putting forth the efforts.

Message: I didn't use the time and efforts needed therefore I made the outcome before I even begin. If you are trying to achieve anything great make sure your efforts match your outcome.

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