Online Coaching

Customized Training Programs: Critique your physique with your own personalized training routine that fits your weekly schedule geared to maximize your strengths and improve your undeveloped areas. 



Nutritional Coaching: Trust your coach and the guiding tools used for your desired results. Each personalized nutritional plan is designed for you and your milestones. 



Recommended Supplement Protocol: Take your muscle repair to its optimum potential and use what is needed.    


Progression Tracking: Your own personal tracking system to understand and analyze what you need. Track weekly or monthly to evaluate your consistency and dropping points for development. 


4 Body Critique Sessions: Revolves around 4 accountable tracking measurements of the body.



4 Posing Sessions: Showing off years of work on stage with the perfect illusional angles and presentable performance



Cardio Regiment
Meal Plan Cycle
Monthly  Meal Reward System 
Nutritional Timing
Weight Management 
Body Fat 
Waist Circumference
Hip Circumference
W & M Physique
Classic Physique
Training Program



Coaching by Troy McCune

NMA: Natural Classic Physique Pro

Coaching Strategy: MET Level Training

Education: YSU Bachelor Applied Exercise Science & Kinesiology

Specialties: Group Training, Reduce Body Fat

Favorite Quote: "If you want something you never had before, you must do what you have never done before" 

Location: Western PA

Troy McCune

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Note: Progression Tracking will only be for the time you are being coached -- Email will be sent to your Promotional Mail-Box