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Online Coaching

Customized Training Programs: Critique your physique with your own personalized training routine that fits your weekly schedule geared to maximize your strengths and improve your undeveloped areas. 



Nutritional Coaching: Trust your coach and the guiding tools used for your desired results. Each personalized nutritional plan is designed for you and your milestones. 



Recommended Supplement Protocol: Take your muscle repair to its optimum potential and use what is needed.    


Progression Tracking: Your own personal tracking system to understand and analyze what you need. Track weekly or monthly to evaluate your consistency and dropping points for development. 


4 Body Critique Sessions: Revolves around 4 accountable tracking measurements of the body.



4 Posing Sessions: Showing off years of work on stage with the perfect illusional angles and presentable performance



Cardio Regiment
Meal Plan Cycle
Nutritional Timing
Weight Management 
Body Fat 
Waist Circumference
Hip Circumference
W & M Physique
Classic Physique
Training Program
Monthly Meal Reward System



Coaching by Troy McCune

NMA: Natural Classic Physique Pro

Coaching Strategy: MET Level Training

Education: YSU Bachelor Applied Exercise Science & Kinesiology

Specialties: Group Training, Reduce Body Fat

Favorite Quote: "If you want something you never had before, you must do what you have never done before" 

Location: Western PA

Troy McCune

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Note: Progression Tracking will only be for the time you are being coached -- Email will be sent to your Promotional Mail-Box

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