All members of Fitness 6.0 are provided with access to the latest updates and upcoming experiences with training and nutrition with their subscription. Each update to the site will introduce a new guide within the 6 categorized workouts, downloadable routines from a specific fitness component,  and site information on nutritional experience by the Coaches.  


We are here to fulfill your needs and expectations by supplying quality information on what we believe will be a great addition to your fitness journey. Let this be the time you go all in and hold nothing back for the rest of your life.


With that said upon joining, it will always be an honor to be apart of our members' lives and to take part in their journey. Every experience will be unique and with your approval, receive a shout out for the wounds you've earned.  



Memberships Includes  

Specified Workout Programs
Find out who you are this year with 4-week plans of 6 different categories making consistency never being a problem. All programs are designed to improve your performance and build your physique.
The Six's Personal Arsenal of 3 Weaponized Fitness Guidelines to improve your nutrition and physical status.
Personal Progression Tracking
Keep Track of your fitness progressions and health status  

Instagram Live & Feed

Always stay tuned and ready for fitness challenges and on the go workout routines 

Note: Upon subscription purchase, you will receive a private invite to your Personal Progression Tracking 



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