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Intensity: Vigorous
Plane of Motion: Frontal 
Equipment: Barbell
Target Muscle: Quadriceps 
Front Squat
  • Using a Barbell

  • With a comfortable working weight 

  • Slowly step beneath the barbell placing your thumbs or index & middle fingers under the bar

  • Drive your elbows upward letting the bar sit on top of your chest 

  • Once set place your feet slightly farther than shoulder apart comfortably 

  • Stepping back slowly in a stable position


  • Squat slowly with weight downward will remaining on the heels 

  • As you reach 90-degree or as deep as possible and begin to come up

  • Push upward squeezing your glutes and pushing your knees outward(externally rotating your hips) 

Before                               After 

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