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Finding Inspiration in Every Turn


My Story

🏅 I'm a proud Pittsburgh native, born and raised amidst the Steel City's vibrant energy. My journey through academics led me to Youngstown State University, where I graduated with a degree in Exercise Science and Kinesiology.

🏃‍♂️ On the track, I found my rhythm as a Collegiate Track and Field Sprinter Athlete, where the thrill of each sprint fueled my passion for physical activity and personal growth.

💪 Beyond the track, I've embraced the discipline of bodybuilding, earning the title of a Classic Physique Natural Muscle Association Pro. The dedication to sculpting my physique is a testament to my commitment to a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

🌟 What started as a love for sports and athleticism has seamlessly transitioned into my everyday life. I've made it my mission to infuse the positive impact of physical activity into every aspect of my routine, believing that a healthy body fuels a thriving mind.

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