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5 Days

261 Days being the most common amount of physical active days. Each day should consist of a selection of resistance training and functional training. Out of the 5 days of training be sure to included Strength, Power, and Stamina training within the week. Followed by cardiovascular(high/low) training and mobility development. Perform each plan 3 - 4 weeks for max benefits and progress to another plan or when you are ready increase your days exercising.


Throughout your training, always keep up with your nutrition and supplements as much as possible to stay on track. For assistance, check out the Nutritional Experiences, Nutritional Tips, and Supplement Advice for proper guidance.

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Day No Gym Link Series 4

Mastering the 5 days per week is a challenge that you have accepted. If you are jumping straight into this workout plan, let's make the most of our training and be aware of your body. For those continuing the journey of your progression, LET GO!!! While using this workout plan it is highly encouraged to under your body and know when rest is needed. Take your time and lets work.

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5 Day Heart Enhancing 

Dominate your traditional days and make your heart the best heart. Rather you are a previous progression athlete or a new athlete you are no stranger to consistency. This workout plan is geared towards those of all fitness levels looking to implement cardio with core/abdominal workout regiments. you can use this for 3-4 weeks and slowly increase thew days of cardio and abdominal development.

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Resistance Vs Calisthenics

Exercise has many benefits and creating a balance is always great for the body. This routine is designed to acknowledge that just as much as resistance training is important, the ability to control your body improves how well you will be able to move your body on a day to day basis. This workout plan is a bit more challenging, if you were an athlete or looking to become more athletic this routine is your routine. Each workout targets a particular muscle for 3-4 weeks. Best of luck athletes.

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