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4 Days

You are more than ready, 209 Days of vigorous to moderate physical activity. All workout plans are designed for all fitness levels striving to become leaner, build muscle and increase strength. Being the most common plans, the following plans allow you to schedule rest anytime during the week for 3 Days. To build a healthy physique in a sufficient manner, having the time to let the body heal is crucial. Perform each plan 3 - 4 weeks for max benefits and progress to another plan or increase your days exercising.  


As you are training try to always keep up with your nutrition and supplements as much as possible to stay on track. For assistance, check out the Nutritional Experiences, Nutritional Tips, and Supplement Advice for proper guidance.

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Traditional Workout Series 2

Lets make the most of our 4 days and hit our body with a traditional workout. If you are progressing from the previous traditional workout 1 congratulations and welcome back. If you are new and jumping right into 4 days of training nothing to say to say but lets get to work. This plan is designed to improve general health and your strength. Each workout is a semi-full body routine for 3-4 weeks, 4 days a week.

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4 Day No Gym Membership Series 3

At this level, you are no longer a stranger to exercising and 4 days a week says nothing but a priority. Without wasting any time let's get to work. If you are a previous progression grinder from the last 2 " No Gym Membership" KEEP UP THE MOMENTUM.

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4 Day Heart Enhancing

Progressions Progression Progression, 4 days of improving your heart and a stronger core. If you are progressing from the previous "Heart Enhancing" let's keep the intensity and ease more into our existence. This applies to you new athletes as well, if you are reading this says you were ready before you even this. This workout plan is geared towards those of all fitness levels looking to implement cardio and core/abdominal training into their regiment. You can use this for 3-4 weeks and increase the days.

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Machines & Dumbbells Series 3

One of the top ways of keeping your most updated self is adding to what you already know. Like most routines, this routine is created for all fitness levels striving to improve their physique leaving no body part untouched. Each workout is full body routine for 3-4 weeks, 4 days a week.

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Fueling Full Body Series 2

Missing no muscle group, let's build the body with no limit upon itself. Each workout is a full body routine. As you begin, warm up with cardio and stretches. Within your 4 days of training, you can begin or finish with core/abdominal training and post cardio. For every progressional week add a set and slowly increase weight for each exercise. 

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